14 December

Gobble it all up

You’re going to need plenty of room in the fridge, so start clearing it out now. Perhaps you have some frozen food in the freezer that you could be eating over the next week? Then check out your half-eaten jars of sun-dried tomatoes and Cumberland sauce. Could you use them up in meals this week?[1] Should you dump them?[2] And when buying food for the next fortnight, be stingy rather than generous: you don’t want leftovers.[3]

Running on empty.

The VCE results are out and Jack got 98, which is very good indeed.

I texted him my congratulations and then Wendy rang to tell me that, since Jack had reached the clearly-in score for the course he wanted, he was finally willing to reveal his selection.

“He chose law at Monash,” she said.

“Law!” I said. “He’s an argumentative trickster – I should have guessed.”

“And here’s a bigger surprise: Matthew has known all along. Apparently, he gave Jack a lot of career advice.”

“Why didn’t Matthew tell you?”

“He says he assumed we knew,” she replied.

[1] Nice meals, not the kind of melange my dad would make on the last night of a beach holiday when he’d throw everything in the fridge into one pot, add chilli and any other spices he could get hold of and call it “curry”.

[2] If you bought the Cumberland sauce two years ago for a specific recipe, and haven’t used it for anything else since, you probably should.

[3] In fact, still feeling a little hungry at the end of dinner may inspire you to find a use for Cumberland sauce.

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