30 November

A KO for KK

If you don’t want to have an office Kris Kringle (because it’s a wanton waste of the world’s resources and your money to buy someone a stupid, cheap present they don’t want and won’t use)[1] mention it now before anyone gets stuck into the planning. Things to think about:

  • If everyone else loves it, accept the majority verdict with good grace.[2]
  • But you could suggest White Elephant (see 27 September), which, while not as good as Reducing, is at least Reusing.[3]
  • Would buying presents for a charity and putting them under your office Christmas tree be a reasonable alternative?[4]

And remember to put up your Advent calendar![5]

A universal KK present?

I asked Jeremy what he was doing for his seven-month anniversary today and he just said, “Seven is no big deal. Maybe we’ll go to the movies.”

Sometimes I find it difficult to keep up!

[1] You’d think this argument would persuade everyone, but it doesn’t.

[2] My friend Fiona’s brother-in-law Tim tried to sabotage his office’s Kris Kringle by giving his Kris-ee a particularly horrible present, but that didn’t work either. (And the deliberately awful present he chose wasn’t even the worst in the room.)

[3] And not quite as offensive as the Reusing approach an ex-colleague of mine took: he opened his present, looked at it with disdain, reached for his tape dispenser, rewrapped it immediately in the same paper, wrote the next year’s date on the gift tag, and put it straight back under the tree.

[4] The answer to this question is “No” because far more people than you could reasonably expect, expect to find something good when they unwrap their KK gift.

[5] My son Jeremy was angling for an Advent calendar that has a different craft beer every day but when I said he’d have to fund it himself, he was willing to stick with the picture Advent calendar I’d chosen (but not before checking if there were any chocolate pretzel Advent calendars on the market. (There aren’t.))


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